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2004-05-13 02:06:06 (UTC)

Death 2 All

Day1:mourning/my mom woke me up in the morning i was tired
as hell im not a good person when im awake.I brushed my
teeth and got in the shower when i went 2 skool it was
boring and long luckly i get out at 2:30.When i got out i
found out my friend kita wasnt gonna go out wit my best
friend's brother but i wasnt mad just i dont know how 2
tell my friend's brother.That she doesnt wonna go out wit
him at 5:15 i went wit april 2 church but it was closed
some reason i found out not 2 long ago 1 of my friends
wanted 2 kill him self 2 day im happy although my gf broke
up wit me this weak i have been going out wit her since
the begining of the skool year but im happy couse i told
my brother/Aaron/that i cared 4 him as a brother.My enemie
micheal is coming 2 my friends jeremy this weakend i
promised him would still come over though but no body
knows how much i wonna kill him his fat and annoying.1 of
my freinds stole my slipknot cd.

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