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2004-05-12 20:54:45 (UTC)

May 12th 3:41 Pm

well today was okay but it was soooo freaking hott! in
drama we did the starburst walking scene it was soooo
hard not to laugh!! second hour was blah and third hour
i read. EXCITING i know. 5 hour though we had a pizza
'party' but the god damn pizza was flipping COLD and
devon kept grabbing my ass! 6 hour i was SUPER
talkative and luke said he thinks i have a.d.d. but i
donno maybe ... the power went off after lunch and we
had to stay in sixth hour and every was like annoyed
with me so they were being mean so i sat in the corner
for a a while *tear!* IT STARTED RAINGIN!!! that means
byt the end of the night i'm not going to like today but so
far it's been a-okay! Rachel is over now and she says
hey! she was whipping me with a pixie stick till i told her
something......... something i'm not telling

My Mood: anxious

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