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2004-05-12 20:21:42 (UTC)

kalila's deep submissive fantasy ~Book One~

*she smiled, her eyes scanning the room, hearing the
mulling of voices as people laughed and joined in the
stimulation of various conversations. Kalila had just
finished a rather lengthy conversation with a potential
client, and was relieved to be free to enjoy the evening.
It was a warm evening, her eyes caught the moonlit
balcony, how it shimmered in the light. Slowly she moved
towards the large french doors, they were wide open to let
in the warm breeze. Casually, she took a crystal glass of
white wine from one of the waiters as he offered the tray
for her choice. Her gentle smile towards him as she
thanked him for offering. Stepping onto the balcony, a
very large ostentatious balcony, with large gothic columns
of white marble, so exquisite was the taste of the
architect, her mouth curled up in a deep smile, thankful
to people of such taste for the beauty of her surroundings.
Her soft strapless black dress perfectly enhancing her
figure, the hem barely kissing her knees, a slit at the
back of the dress, offering a teasing peek to her thighs
as she her legs moved gracefully. Taking the glass up to
her lips, her nostrils breathing in the fruity bouquet,
she leaned back on a marble column, a shiver trickled up
her spine as she felt its cool temperature on her exposed
shoulders. She sipped the wine, turning her eyes to the
fountain out in the deep wisteria covered garden. The rich
scents of the gardens causing her to softly sigh in
pleasure as her senses were awakened, smiling at the
peaceful heavenly evening.
She heard a deep voice saying, "such a smile should not be
alone". She turned, looking around, yet she saw noone.
Again, she heard the voice, "come and join me." She leaned
slightly over the balcony, looking down, yet still saw no
one. As she turned her head to the side, she saw Him. His
eyes so vibrant, His face, carved like the face of a greek
god, framed by a well groomed mop of jet back hair. His
smile, so captivating. She was motionless as she soaked in
the presence of the stranger. "I said, come and join me",
His hand motioned to the place near Him. Stunned by His
aura, she hesitated to answer as she could find no words.
Yet she was irritated by a stranger telling her to join
him. She smiled softly, and spoke in a low voice, trying
to hide the shaking of her voice. " I must go inside,
please excuse me." She couldnt explain it to herself, why
her heart was pounding. She was obviously attracted to
Him, but it annoyed her that He, without introduction, had
told her to come to him. She calmy walked back into the
banquet room. She couldnt shake the vision of him from
her mind, nor the harmonious deep tone of his voice.
She joined a group of high end contractors that had also
been invited to the opening of the Manor. Each individual
had been sent an invitation, plus a private limousine with
chauffeur, which at the end of the evening would return to
pick up each attendee. A hand bell rang, and the MC of
the evening, announced that the meeting room was now open,
and for everyone to take their places. There were 150
people in attendance, they moved to the large meeting
room, the decor was exsquisite, full blooms of flowers
cascading over mantle pieces, adorning doors, tables, the
aroma was entrancing. As Kalila sat at her allocated
table, she looked around to see if the man from the
balcony was there. Maybe he was a waiter, she did not know.
Various speakers rose to the podium to give details of the
upcoming project of Manors to be built in a fashion
similar to the one they were in now. Everyone was excited
about the multi million dollar project. Kalila's contract
was to hire a team to paint murals in the conservatories.
At the end of the meeting they all left the room, for
coffee and cognac before their limousines would arrive.
She was admiring an oil painting on the wall, when she
felt someone behind her, she spun around, looking up. It
was Him. "You didnt join me?" He didnt wait for her
reply. "I know you love art Kalila", he smiled as he
looked into her eyes. She looked up at him, "how do you
know my name?" He chuckled, "ah, that is easy, I
contracted you to work on my project. Come, I will show
you some more of the rooms in the manor, so you will know
what a wonderful project you will be involved with".
She was shocked, yet relieved knowing that this was Tad,
one of the most famous architects in the USA. People were
leaving as their limousines arrived. She said, "but my
limousine, how will I know it is here?" He looked at
her, "You wont miss Your limousine Kalila, I assure
You". "Thank You", she followed Him After seeing several
of the most elaborate, stunning rooms, she found herself
back in the entrance foyer. There was noone around but
Tad and herself. He walked into the huge study, "come
wait in here Kalila". She smiled, wondering where her
limo was. She reached into her purse, taking out her
cellphone. "It doesnt look like a limo is coming for me,
so I will call a taxi Tad". He smiled, looking straight
into her eyes. He lifted his right hand, a remote in it.
He clicked on it, she heard the door shut behind her, she
then heard it lock. She looked at him, looked at the door,
she then moved in a worried speed to the door, trying to
open it. She felt Him behind her, pressing her to the
door. He took the cellphone from her, whispered in her
ear, "You are my captive, do not fight me, you will lose
the fight". She spun around, angry eyes on fire looking up
to him. "Open the door Tad". He just smiled down at
her, humoured by her anger, her feisty character. She
pushed him, He didnt budge. He walked to the desk, sat on
the edge, and raised His voice. "Bind her!" Her nervous
eyes, looked at him, wondering what he was talking to. A
door opened, two muscular men entered the room, naked from
the waist up. They moved directly to her, both taking
ahold of her, she found her wrists were suddenly bound and
above her head, attached to a frame by a chain. She
screamed out, her fear taking grip of her now, this was a
nightmare. She couldnt believe she had found Tad to be
attractive before, now she thought he was a madman. She
struggled screaming, demanding to be released. "Prepare
her" Tas signalled to the men. They nodded, she felt
them take her ankles..spreading her legs wide apart,
shackles attached to each ankle. She strained to close
her legs, but her ankles were chained to poles on the
frame. She screamed out, "Let me Go!! Let me Gooooo, you
are crazy, let me Go! You cant do this to me!!"
He walked up to her, grabbed her roughly by her jaw, "I
can, and I am doing this to you." She felt his hand pull
her dress up over her hips, "Stop it nowwww!" she screamed.
She felt his other hand slap her face roughly. She began
trembling out of control, terrified of what he might do to
her. He motioned to the men to leave the room. She turned
watching them, she heard the door lock behind them.
Her eyes full of anger and fear looked directly at him.
He picked up a long jewel encrusted dagger. She screamed
instinctively,"nooooooooooo nooooooooooooo please nooooo!"
She felt the blade glide over her thigh, her lips
trembling, tears in her eyes. Her panties were cut loose
from her body. Tad then forcefully cupped her mound with
his strong hand, two fingers sliding between her pussy lips
"You're easy, you love to give to men, hah!" He chuckled,
bringing his moist fingers to her lips. "suck your sweet
juices slut". "She growled, "No, you bastard! Let me go!"
He showed her the blade, she became silent, trembling, as
moans of despair escaped her lips. He slide the knife
between her breasts, she stood perfectly still, terrified.
Suddenly the dress was cut from her body, she stood naked
and bound. His hands worked over every inch of her body.
He moved behind her, suddenly she jerked with a scream of
pain as her body felt the lash of a whip. He continued
whipping her, she could hardly stand the pain, her back
was on fire, He continued whipping her mercilessly. She
was close to passing out, her tear stained face, racked in
pain with each lash. He walked around the front of her,
lifting her chin with one strong hand, brushing the hair
from her face, His touch suddenly gentle. He pulled a
collar out from pouch. Placing it around her neck,looking
directly into her eyes. "You now belong to me, You are my
slave kalila". "What are you?" he kept his eyes locked on
hers, she didnt reply. He took his belt off, and lashed
at her thighs. "What are you???" She cried helplessly in
the bindings, humiliated in a collar. "What are you???"
His voice cruel and demanding. She whipered, her voice
shaking, "I am your slave" He sounded angry "What slut?!!!"
She looked confused. He grabbed her roughly by her golden
mane. "You will always refer to me as Master from now on!
Her reply was slow, "yes Master". He released the chains
from the frame, and carried her to the bathroom, attached
the chains securely to the rings specifically for such a
purpose. Her legs were spread wide as they could be. He
sat beside her. He was now going to shave her pussy, to
show off the beauty of the pussy that He owned. She moaned
squirming as she saw what he was going to do, struggling,
tugging on the chains. Gradually, her pussy was exposed,
the sweet smoothe skin visible for His pleasure. He
released the chains from the shackles and cuffs, attached
a leash to her collar, "heel slut". She felt the tug of
the leash as she followed him into the bedroom. She
looked around, there were several racks, and frames for
her to be used on for His pleasure. He pushed her to the
bed. "Now kneel in front of the bed slut! Rise up to your
knees and press your arms on the bed, expose that ass that
I Own! Now slut!"
She obeyed, she had no other choice, there was no escape.
He gripped her roughly by her hair, bringing her head
back. She felt a sudden pain shooting through her ass. He
was invading her ass with a buttplug. She began sobbing as
she felt Him push it in. He leaned over to her
face, "relax kalila, relax your arse, let it in, relax, it
wont hurt so much if you relax. I will train your arse
kalila, and when ready I will take this ass that I Own.
It belongs to me kalila, your Master Owns everything, you
will not touch yourself, unless You beg for my permission
to touch what I Own" She trembled feeling her body
responding to Him, against her will. She was totally
humiliated. The plug being fully inserted, he commanded
her to get onto the bed. She did so, belly down, her cuffs
were attached to the rings of the bed. She felt him move
onto the bed, between her thighs, lifting her arse up
high. His fingers working between her pussy lips, they
were soaking wet. "I am pleased my slut, Your body
responds very well to its Master. Soon my slut, you will
be broken and will come to love being used by your Master,
you will beg to be used by your Master" She moaned
hearing his words. "He raised his hand up high, swinging
it down in powerful blows, spanking her ass as it was held
up: She screamed over and over, deep lustful growls deep
in her throat. He teased her pussy with His fingers,
pinching and rolling her clit, He could feel her getting
close to orgasm. He stood up, attaching her shackled
ankles to the rings on the bed, pulling her legs open wide.
He moved to a chair several feet away from the bed.
She lay there wanton, needing to be touched, His cruelty
had left her feeling unusual feelings. She had never felt
this way in her life. She had several lovers, none had
ever made her body feel the feelings that she was
experiencing now. She wanted Tad to fuck her, to take
her hard, she wanted him to rape her. She lay there
squirming on the bed.. He watched in amusement at His pet.
He knew he was going to take her, and take her hard when
he did. But he wanted her ready, fully submissive and
begging to be fucked and Owned totally. He walked back to
the bed, slid his hands over her pussy, she was flowing
with juices. Her body was not denying what it needed, what
it felt. He reached to her face, whispered, "kalila, from
this moment on, you will not look into my eyes, unless i
give you permission, you will obey every command of mine,
and answer always, yes Master. Do you understand slut?"
She responded immediately, "yes Master". "Good slut, he
slapped her ass, then walked off into the next room, where
His bed was. The lights turned off in her room. She
moaned and squirmed in the moonlight as it shone on her
body, she wanted to touch herself, ohh god how she wanted
him to fuck her, take her, make her his. She couldnt
believe how she felt. She moaned and squirmed for what
seemed like hours till she fell into a deep sleep.

The next morning she was awoken by the two men, and taken
down into the basement, which had been styled as a dungeon.
She was fed by them, bathed by them and then chained up on
a frame. She would be let down for bathroom use, to be
fed and to sleep on the furrs in the middle of the dungeon.
For 2 weeks she would be whipped daily, her ass would be
trained by 2 hourly spans with the butt plug. And He would
fuck her ass with the plug each night before she went to
sleep each night. Her pussy would be
teased, but He would not take her until He had broken her
will against Him. He did not want her lust, he wanted her
lust and her will, to totally Own her, he knew he must Own
her mind body and soul. He instructed the two men to use
her, to show her she was a slave and could not pick and
choose whom she wanted to fuck her. He invited his
friends to come and view her training. He offered her to
them if they so desired. She was not allowed to look at
their faces. Tad brought in slaves of other Masters, to
train her on the proper etiquette of slavery. He
performed most of the physical training himself,
constantly demanding her will. Whipping her, flogging
her, teasing her till she begged so hard with tears. All
she wanted to do was please Him now. She was falling
deeper into submission, He could sense just how close she
was to being fully and totally submissive.
The day came when she was taken out of the dungeon, he led
her by the leash, she was on all fours, crawling behind
him. He took her to the branding room. She was restrained
tightly so that she would be unable to move her left leg
at all, her arms strapped above her. As he branded her
with the white hot iron, in the shape of a rose, she
screamed over and over again as the pain so excrutiating
almost causing her to lose consciousness. He applied balms
that would take away the pain and help the healing of the
perfect brand on his slut. After she was released from
the branding rack, he carried her to his bedroom.
He removed the leash from the collar. Looking at his slut
in front of him, noting the brand on her sensual
body. "kneel" He commanded her, pointing down to his
boots. She kneeled before him wantonly, "Yes Master" He
tapped her thigh with his boot. She instantly spread her
thighs for his pleasure, her smoothe pussy, glistening
with her honey.
He looked down to her, asking, "What are you?
she replied, "I am Your slave Master." "What is a slave?"
He asked. "A girl who is Owned Master." her lips smiling
as she spoke the words. "Why do you wear a brand?" he
asked. "To show that I am owned Master."
"Why do you wear a collar slut?"
"That men may know who owns me Master"
"What does a slave girl want more than anything?" he asked
"To please men Master"
"What are you kalila?
"I am a slave Master.
"What do you want more than anything slut? "
"To please men Master."
"Who Owns you slut" his voice firm and commanding as he
looked down to her, "look up into my eyes slut as You
she raised her eyes, full of loving submission as the
words caressed her lips, "You own me Master, i am Your
slut to do with as You wish" She fell forward wrapping
her arms around His thighs, her lipss kissing them as
tears ran down her face, sobbing with the beauty of a
slave discovering true submissiveness, " i love You
Master, i love You with all my heart body and soul Master"

He took her hard that day, using her body in every way,
she screamed and moaned like the slut she was for Him, He
trained her often, reminding her that she was slave,
reminding her of her place. She loved Him, she adored
Him, she would do anything for Him. He was her Master,
and she was completely Owned and bathed in the beauty of
submission to Him.


submitted by kalila, for Masters approval. I hope this
pleases Master.

penned by the slave,
{kalila} ]Î[

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