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2004-05-12 12:42:49 (UTC)

May 12th 7:35 Am

well today is wednesday... tomorrow is track day and half
day! ELliot is running (the one that calls me pornipifila)
and so is nick miller (the one who is... weird) in track
day and me and rae were gonna make a sign to be coool.....
but i don't think we are. Today after school me and rae
are going to ben franklin to get stuff to decorate dans
locker! ohh i donno if i said this yest but last...
monday? after school i went to raes and we went to danny's
baseball game and we were bored so we went to the fountain
and soaked each other and all danny's team-mates were
shouting "WET T SHIRT CONTEST!" cause they thought we were
hott and everytime they passed rae they would ask for a
hug and rae told them I would but i didn't and when i see
em in the hall at school they just stare at me.. it's
crazy... then afterwards we saw james jeffery and then
went to McDonalds then i went home. SOOOOOOOO yesterday
caitlin was telling people rachael and brice broke up and
then later that night caitlin told rachel it was just a
big joke.. so yea.. (yesterday rachel made me say green
and she said she was gonna picnch me but she hasn't yet!
rahaha) okay with the color thing.... jillienne OBSESSES
over pink so we said ever time she says it we get to pinch
her! then they decided everyone needed a color and mine is
green and rachels are: black grey and brown! and then we
made danny not say black anymore.... have you noticed he's
wearing the same clothes for like 20 days cause of a bet?
CRAZY i know.... not much else right now

My Mood: Dazed and Confused

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