purple star

Never once spoken
2004-05-12 05:20:12 (UTC)

cambias muchisimas

no. im not pregnant. i have taken 2 tests and both said
no. which leaves me in comfort. i had a period.... while
it was weird (meaning much shorter than usual) i feel that
is due to so much stress. tomorrow i have a final. TODAY
EVER!!!! im so glad to be done. im ready for it. i got
email from chris today. that was random and strange and
part of me wishes he had no way of contacting me... but
part of me doesnt. its a strange feeling that i feel. i
guess its hard to rip free of your first love. regardless
of what has gone on and whatnot..... we arent touching
that theme tonight.

im listening to pennywise cuz hfs played a pennywise song
tonight while i was driving home and it brought me back...
so i put it on now. :) i love my old years and all that i
did. when i look back, i know i was alive. regardless of
the fact that some things were not so great that i did.. i
was alive and i have much proof of that. only about half
the population can really say that i think. if you dont
try things that are somewhat scandalous or deemed wrong
when you are young.... when can you??? im glad i went
through all that. i became more worldly and grew a lot
thanks to my experiences during my younger years hanging
out with a 'different' crowd. its funny. to me as well as
ironically. anyway. i must sleep now because i have a
final in the morning. oh goodness its so surreal. i cant
believe im done with school. yes, an accomplishment but im
just so ready for it to be over. ugh. ok goodnight all.
love to those who matter!! :)

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