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2004-05-12 04:31:44 (UTC)

check up

Um...I'm really bored, so I figured I'd write a little
something. Tomorrow is my first day of work- ever. I'm
really excited about this. I'll be working with Jackie, so
that should be fun. Um...yesterday was Mike's 20th
birthday, so I took a drive up to Central. It took me over
two hours to get there, when normally it takes me about an
hour and twenty. Traffic and construction were
horrendous. So anyways, I baked him cupcakes, and on each
one wrote a word that pertained to our relationship. I get
up there, and about two hours later...he leaves. So I'm
sitting in Etta's apartment with people I don't know,
watching tv for...FOUR HOURS! Ok, he went to dinner with
his family...but you know what? I would NEVER have done
that to him. There has never been a time that my parents
were up in Mt. Pleasant that I didn't invite Mike out with
us. I just thought that was complete bullshit. Complete
and total bullshit. I never would have left him alone with
my friends for four hours. That just hurt my feelings...I
understand that it was his birthday, but still...he could
have invited me. Afterall, I AM his girlfriend. Moving
on...I won't get to see Mike again til Saturday, which
sucks. I guess I'm going down to his mom's house to
babysit Lily and Lucy (his little sisters) with him.
That's gonna be fun. Oh! I just found out tonight that
Hanson's new tour will be hitting Detroit on July 30th!!
But I don't think I'm gonna get tickets because the last
show I went to was amazing...and I don't want this one to
be a disappointment, ya know? It just wouldn't be as good
as the one in Cleveland was. I would LOVE to go, don't get
me wrong, but the seats wouldn't be good because they go on
sale to the fan club first, and generally they sell out
when that happens, so I'll be SOL anyways. But just in
case anyone wants to grab a pair of tics for me...they go
on sale Friday...THIS friday, the 14th. :) Ok, I'm gonna
watch some Spongebob and go to sleepy sleep..