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2004-05-12 02:01:35 (UTC)

will this day EVER end

yea... wake up at 7, drive my mom to work, come back home,
go back to sleep, get up at 9:30 to practice w/ wendy and
her dad, get there 30 min late bc my mom's f'ing car
wouldn't start, practice till 11:30, come back home, do my
us history debate, go to regnionals at 3:30. get on the
courts right away, and play fucking notre dame. yea, wendy
and i were so pumped bc we played so well in our practice..
yea but then we both end up sucking ass big time and we
lose. i leave, pick up my mom at work after sitting in
traffic for an hour, than come home. she bitches at me,
blah blah nothing new, and dad gets home late from work.
they keep fighting and i think im the reason and mom keeps
taking it out on me.
talked to an OLD friend today, found out there is no chance
we can be friends again, and no people, it wasn't satan i
talked to, it was a guy. but yea, he made some requests, i
said i could handle them, i made a request and he said
no... you can't just take buddy, you gotta give too.. thats
just how it works. oh well, my show is on... screw you all


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