Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2004-05-11 23:54:26 (UTC)

Van Helsing & The Punisher

So. Van Helsing. I have to say, that while I thought it would
suck major fucking ass. It didn't really. I was actually
surprised by it. I wouldn't see it again other than to get
it on DVD, it was better than the Mummy 2 but no where near
as good as the first Mummy movie.

The Punisher. I have to agree with some about the casting of
the punisher, but unfortunetly, i can't think of anyone else
who could pull it off. The guy playing him isn't big enough,
but he did a good job. The problem inherantly, was the script.
Too much of one thing and not enough of another in my view.

I consider myself a moviephile, but man, I'm glad I only
paid $9 to see both, lol.

Next up on the film front, Troy! that will be good.