malenky devotchka

Bella Morte
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2004-05-11 22:22:35 (UTC)

the boy who ate the moon

i swallowed words whole, and for the longest time they sat
in my throat and did nothing. some motionlesstening and
i've found a pulse beating somewhere between my wrist and
thumb, i don't know how it got there, but i can't get it to
go away, not now. and the strange sensation like tingling
creeping in the general direction of the little rock in my
chest seems to be increasing. i think i may be sick. oh
weait, i've traveled this road before, i've already kicked
up that gravel and dirt and found nothing but sand. the
sand people drink not because they're so thirsty, but
because they can't tell the difference.
collected works: born (unfortunately), died, resussitated.
resuming progress. living is good too. i think. cat walk.

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