u think u kno...but u have no idea
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2004-05-11 21:29:37 (UTC)


today was an alright day..... yesterday in gym practically
scared the shit outa me! cuz U NO WHO! was wayyy tooo
horney for gym class like, we were getting bats out of the
back room thinggy and i swear he was tryin to rape me up
the ass, he was like hey, come here i was like no, ur guna
grab my ass again hes like no i swear jus come here so i
was like ok wat? and he wraps his arm around my waist and
like pulled me into him wich APPARENTLY turned him on ALOT
cuz he was poppin a boner all on me and i was jus like omg
oz, ur groose and slapped him and left. ugh prick. ya and
can u say major trigger geeze! that boiz guna send me bak
to counceling lol

my hairs getting longer again, yay! im neve rletting
myself cut it again! i need to get it re-hilighted tho, i
wanna do like different shades of light brown in it
instead of red again, cuz it jus faids out in a week. im
out ta get ready 4 dance and show off the prom pics hehe!