Ramblings of a Mom
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2004-05-11 15:36:14 (UTC)

Mother's Day

Okay, I promised to talk about Mother's Day, but I have to
make mention of something else first (again).
Yesterday in my diary I talked about a relationship between
somebody named M and somebody named D. This morning when I
logged into the diary web site, nothing had changed on
either side (no new entries). But then, just now, I logged
in to find that D has either deleted, made private, or
otherwise hidden his diary. Hmmmm, must have read what M
wrote and is now doing his normal childish thing of running
away and hiding, saying how other people could be sooo
cruel and mean to him when all he's done is meant well.
Maybe it's time to open his eyes and look around when this
kind of thing happens repeatedly in his relationships.
Maybe it's not the girl's fault? Could it possibly be
him? Maybe there is something wrong there? DUH!
Anywho, back to Mom's Day. I was able to let things ride
last year about not getting anything (not even a card) 'cuz
in his mind, hell, she's not MY mom. Okay, but this year,
I am the mother of his son, ya know? I start getting grief
on Saturday about how he can't go shopping with me in the
car, so okay, just drop me and the baby off at home and
go! "I don't want to drive all the way back into town" he
says. Then I start thinking on the positive side, maybe
he's just giving me shit so that he can cover the fact that
he already did something.
Sunday I get up, I find out that there realllllly is
NOTHING for me for Mother's Day. (Oh, and BTW, I did
finally get laid the night before :) ) I am hurt, I am
very upset, and he's wondering why I'm in a foul mood. I
am so upset and hurt, I am crying, and I don't even want to
go to church. It's a small church, and would be too easy
for people to see that I was upset. We get to my parents'
house, and even talking about it there, I'm choking back
tears. I don't understand how he can be so thoughtless
about this day! My Dad, who just had knee replacement
surgery, still got my Mom cards and even arranged to
purchase a new printer that is a copier/scanner/printer for
her. What do I get? Nothing! Even a single card would
have sufficed for me.
We get to my grandparents' house and my Mom announces that
she and my oldest son need to go to the store. I know what
she is trying to do, and I appreciate it. However, Tyler
already made me a card at school with a paper tea cup with
chamomile tea in it that is supposed to help me to 'settle
down' he says. My husband tells her that he is going with,
and that he can either ride with her or drive separately,
but he needs to go too.
They leave, and, God bless him, he comes back with the best
card ever. It is exactly what I need to have from him.
Not to mention, he gives me a dozen roses. He tells me
that hell will freeze over for a second time now because
this is the second time he has ever bought me roses. I am
sorry to say that I was more excited about the card than
the roses, although they are beautiful deep pink roses.
The card said the following:
Some People Make Such a Difference in Our Lives
Maybe you've never realized how your thoughtful, caring
ways have made such a difference to others -- how your many
kindneses have grown into ever-widening circles that have
touched so many lives, especially mine...
That's why today seemed like the perfect chance to let you
know how special you are to me and to wish you a very happy
Mother's Day.
He signed it:
Love you Forever & Ever
God how I love him, this man that aggravates me so!
Tomorrow I'll talk about the story that my son wrote about
me at school.

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