Visions Of Life
2004-05-11 15:28:34 (UTC)


Such a bad start to the day. i need to find a disk of
microsoft word so i can transfer my paper which is in
Wordperfect (thank you virus that deleted microsoft office)
to Word. Damn Microsoft monopoly =(

Nothing exciting going on at work. The CFO drives me crazy
because he doesnt do anything and has such a bad attitutde
about my company. I hate people who only care about

I only have one difficult final left before my 2 week
summer vacation. School starts again June 1.

I hope I did well on my political ideologies final. i know
I kicked ass on the part about Palestinians and Israelis. I
had a dream the other night where Israel was a city of
mirrors and there was a murderous machine patroling the
area. I was trying to trick the machine in an attempt to
break the mirrors so the Palestinians could return home.

My biggest fear right now is that I am unable to have
children. I do not want children for 7 years, but after
losing ym baby a couple of years ago, I am terrified that
my body cant hold a child. I shouldnt worry about such
things but at certain times throughout the year, I do.