My Aphrodisiac
2004-05-11 03:52:39 (UTC)


It's crazy how much things have changed. From high school
up until now especially. Friendships once had are no
longer. Loves that used to be are a "hell naw" now.
Those who you thought would succeed don't. The ones you
thought were the realest are some of the most fake persons
you know now. At times I wish I had a map and it directed
me thru life. But I guess if that were so then there
would be no room for suprise or chance. Things would just
be. My brother once told me, "Baby gyrl, the time will
come where you'll be able to count your real friends on
one hand and probably with fingers left over! Believe ya' brother." Man, I'm only nineteen years old
and I already realize that. But I'd rather that be now
than later.

Change...somethin' we have absolutly no control over...the
only thing in the world that's constant.

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