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2004-05-11 03:36:23 (UTC)

yay for me

regionals started today. supposed to play at 7:30 didn't
walk onto a court until 9:15. we played cambell co. lost
the first two games, than won every other game till the
match was over at a score of 6-2 6-0. we just needed 2
games to get our shit together since neither one of us
played since thursday. haha. the second to last game of the
match, it was my serve. aced every fucking point in that
game. GO me! i was so proud of myself. my serves have come
a long way this season. i even heard the cambell co. coach
complimenting my serve :) uh, ya the whole "fam" was there
UNTIL i went on... yea my mom and bitchy sister left 10 min
before i went on bc my mom said she felt "unwanted" ok
EXCUSE me i was talking to my friends... wendy brought
joseph along and we were all talking and making fun of
notre dame. and then dad was off to either talk to mr.
cordes or my tennis coach. yea, so we won w/ 1 min. to
spare until the court lights went off, lol, and then julie
had the brillant idea that wendy and i practice before our
match tomorrow. so we play notre dames second doubles, who
are ranked 4th (we are ranked 9th, i found out tonight) so
yea, we are going ot practice at TEN in the morning.. ahh i
wanted to sleep in. oh well, guess we need the practice. it
just sucks that no one is coming to my match tomorrow to
watch. no fam, no friends, nothing. oh well. ill be the
only person supporting what i do, nothing new to me. oh
well. im pooped and have a headache bc of my damn
allergies.. and plus i have to get up at 8 f'ing am bc my
mom needs a ride to work... my car is in the shop, once
again.. oh well, gotta finish laundry and then im going to
sleep... nite sweet dreams world


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