The weird and wonderful things...
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2004-05-10 22:14:59 (UTC)


Heylo ppl! hows it going?! Am alritey! aint wrote in here
for a couple of days actually that mite b a lie..*thinks*

Anyhoo..jus a few mentions!

Emma - its cool bout me tellin u..! yes i was brave enuff 2
tell u..LoL! :-P nah im sure other ppl wud hav done the
same if i had read the convo..anyhoo! yeah..well i think u
not spkin 2 Gareth is the best thing for u..coz as long as
u spk 2 him he's always going 2 make u feel bad and put u
down..and u kno what u did is dont let him make u
feel like that..! There could also be a sense of splitting
up the girlies..! ill explain laters..! Luv ya x x x

Leesha - Thot id give u a wee mention
toots..Everyone..Leesha is a DOLL! she told me i cud watch
the incubus dvd on ma dvd player..! LoL! that sounds so
blonde cummin from me bt i thot u cud only watch it on the
comp! anyhoo! i watched it n it is amazin n i cant wait
till incubus n its going 2 b amazin! sexi Brandon! :-D!
woO! Luv ya x x x

Well 2day i told Andy i wanted 2 kiss him! :-P! hehe didnt
even ask him or nuttin! LoL! jus goes.."i want 2 kiss u"
LoL! crazee eh?! well yeh! so i dunno if it will happen bt
aye! Anyhoo! i use that word a lot!

- x adios x -

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