2004-05-10 21:56:16 (UTC)


This morning's newspaper headline was about yet another
local young man, Chase Whitham, who was killed in Iraq over
the weekend. The article included his high school photo.
He reminded me of Owen.

Later, I read an article about a 19 year old young woman,
Jessica Porter, who in May, 2003 began spending 12 to 15
hours a day creating a memorial quilt for every family that
had lost a loved one in Iraq. "It's all about sacrifice."
she explained. Americans who have paid the ultimate price
in Iraq "have sacrificed everything to protect us. I just
wanted to give their families something respectful in return".

She asks for donations. She needs solid colored fabrics
especially red, burgundy, royal blue and white as well as
patriotic prints and completed patriotic quilt tops which
she will finish and forward to recipient families.

Send materials and notes of encouragement to:

Jessica Porter
12637 Sugar Creek Blvd.
Hudson, Florida 94669-2818