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2004-05-10 20:33:58 (UTC)

Mother's Day Surprise

I was surprised to open the Sunday newspaper yesterday and
see myself mentioned. Thankfully, it was not by name.

A close friend of mine is a columnist for the local daily
newspaper; I've known him and his wife since my university
days. Last Wednesday evening we, my friends and John and I,
had dinner together and we ended up talking about mothers.

Bob knows that my mom died in January and he also knows that
we had a difficult relationship. I understand why and I
forgive her and myself as well for our shortcomings. Here
is what he wrote:

"Wednesday night, over dinner, a friend shared a sad story.
It was about a mother who never believed my friend was good
'When my mother died,' she said, 'I mourned
differently-- for what never was between us.'
On this Mother's Day, I grieve for them both; for a
daughter who wanted so little--basic approval--and for a
mother whose selfishness cost her so much--a relationship
with her own flesh and blood. And I honor those mothers who
have chosen more wisely and given more freely.
So here's to mothers who cherish their children,
despite the inevitable pain that parenting asks."

His column then went on to list more "Here's to mothers who..."

And he ended it with this.

"And finally, here's to mothers like my dinner friend, who,
though not blessed with wonderful role models, have become
as much themselves"
"The flower-bedecked teapot arrived from one of her
sons Thursday. 'Thanks for being my Mom,' the card said.
'God blessed me with a good one.'

God blessed me with good sons and a good husband and good
friends too.