2004-05-10 20:23:18 (UTC)

Wanna Cry...............

Today, we went to school together, we were suppose to be
happy, but I'm not. I'm still thinking about that things
happened yesterday, I don't know what to do. I want to help
her since she's the one that love me the most and take care
me the most. Because of that filthy fucking school, she
doesn't have a good mood to stay with me any longer; she
left after third period.........In second period, I wrote a
note for her and I gave it to her after third period-I have
to go to class. I hope she understand what I meant and
I'm 17 already, not a little kid anymore, can't always be
with her and can't cry anymore; I'm old enough, the ways of
thinking have to be mature.

She's almost 20, an adult. She has her own businesses, she
doesn't have to report to me whatever she did or whereever
she went. She has her own free time and freedom, I can't
keep track on her, stupid. I don't have the right to do it.

C~ When you will have time to talk with me about the
things, I really want to have a talk with you, to know more
about you and understand you more. You are the one that I
love the most. If it cost me don't have a boyfriend, I
don't care because you are more important than anything

*** I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

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