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2004-05-10 20:13:24 (UTC)

Happy~Happy~ (5/9/04)

Yesterday, I went to mall with my sister, we both were so
happy. We bought lots of things, especially clothes. Um....
we spent about 320, of course I'm the one who pay the most.
We walked almost six hours, so tired and I have to go to
school today........

When we came back, my sister was talking on the phone after
I done taking bath. Becasue I was so tired, I went to
sleep; actually I can't say I went to sleep because I was
so rude that listen to what she talked with her friends on
the phone without her notice. I know I was rude, but I was
also a little bit happy because I know more about my sister
and understand her more. But it's not enough thou, I want
to know more about her.
Daisy~ I knew what happened to you, I don't know what I can
tell you and what to talk to you. If you really love IT, go
ahead, don't miss IT, there's no guarantee that you can
FIND IT later on. One important thing is, you have to make
sure wou are happy to be with IT. Don't let IT hurt you!!!

I really want to talk with you more!!!

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