Thoughts arrive like butterflies
2004-05-10 19:47:59 (UTC)


7 days to go until my History exam. I'm not looking forward
to it at all. I know that I know all of what I need to know
it's just I have no clue how to answer the questions...just
have no technique...:( An E is seeming quite likely at the
moment. Today we had to fill in our Ucas forms for
Uni...wishful thinking. I'm never going to get in to
university...I mean I'd like to but I'm not smart enough.
I'll probably just do an open university course in
philosophy or psychology sometime in the future. Actually,
maybe it's a good thing I'm not going to go to Uni..I don't
really want to hang around with those Commie bastards...and
it'd just be a huge waste of money because I know I'd not
get a good degree or anything.

I went to see Van Helsing on was alright, not
that good but alright. Everyone else was saying "it was so
bad it was funny", which annoyes me SO much. It always
starts off as one person saying that, then everyone else
agrees and says it. wasn't that bad...a bit like
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.....alright.

I've been trying for ages to find the pic of Trent Reznor
hangcuffed from the Closer vid, for Homeaus site and can't
find it anywhere.:(