My Gay Misadventures
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2004-05-10 18:40:09 (UTC)

Just anotha' Log

Been awhile since i updated, so here goes...

Well, Not much has changed (theres a supprise) I recently
lost my phone line. (couldnt afford payment) so my life has
been rather still. Havnt talked to anyone. 'Cept for this
one guy, Miguel. Cant say what i think about the cat, But
here is the anaylisis; Tall, Has a car, has money, not
really all that attractive, pretty much my type. But im not
really intersted. He does fit the requirement as a
boyfriend, but i really dont want one of those anymore. Not
after Matt. He however, thinks differntly. He talks about
me a lot (from what i hear) calls me 'baby, sweetie'..and
all that shit...I dunno, Under differnt circemstances i
would gladly accept, but wishful thinking isnt my
specialty....Oh, did i mention he is a drag queen too?....I
didnt find this out till after it was too late. I still
find it a lil taboo, but his fellow queens are funny, and
good to talk to. So its not so bad. --- Life sure sucks
right about now. And with no phone, I have no means of
being contacted back for a job...(although i was almost
offered a bar back postion at the bonham...)

I wonder how Matts doing...prolly better off no doubt. But

*gets out of trance*

Goddamn library. Some people shouldnt be allowed to wear
shorts...*Cringes-convulses-weeps a lil inside*