Visions Of Life
2004-05-10 16:32:39 (UTC)


Such a stressful week. Ive been working on my political
idepologies paper plus studying for my other finals. Ive
pretty much vanished from the world in this past week. Work
has been hectic. I have alot of information to transfer
back to quickbooks, but part of it needs to be done quickly
because that company is in bankruptsy court and we need an
accurate and current general ledger. The guy who owned the
company before us fabricated the general ledger. Im hoping
we can send him to jail for numerous reasons.

Money has been tight lately. I havnt been paid a full
paycheck in a long time. I get enough to pay rent and such
but I am not used to worrying about money. I have an issue
with asking for help and it gets me into trouble.

I love married life. I dont understand how people can get
married when they are not head over heels in love. So many
people seem to get married because "its the next step" or
the chick is pregnant, or they have nothing better to do or
even to escape a bad family life. Since when did love have
nothing to do with marriage? It makes me sick. I love Steve
with all of my heart. I love waking up to him every
morning. I married my best friend and i have no regrets.

I still have to plan the "real" wedding, complete with the
dress and guests and stress.. lol. I have issues with
crowds, even if they are my own family. According to my
family, I am more confident and chatty when Im around Steve
so perhaps I can survive my own wedding.