2004-05-10 05:36:37 (UTC)

im going to rant

blah, today, was.. another day.. i worked 10-2, wasn't all
that bad, we weren't busy at all. after work i came home,
just as my parents were leaving. i slept from 3-8, it was
nice. my parents came home around 10, so it was nice to
have the house to myself. watched survivor, amber won, rob
proposed to her, blah blah, the fairy tale story... god
damn happy people who are in love, i hate them. ANYWAY
speaking of that, i had a dream last night. hated it, which
i never had it. dont wanna talk about it either. today at
work, joe and tim were working over at gold star and all of
a sudden i see the 8 feet tall joe looking at me, lol, and
he is pretending to eat a cookie, so i tell him to ocme
over and get them. tehn we start to talk about tim, and i
said he hates me. joe says he doesn't. so tim comes over
and talks to me for a good 30 min.. it was nice talking to
him, and he invited me to hang out w/ him tomorrow, might
take him up on that offer, considering the fact no one else
wants to put an effort in a friendship... grr, well, not
everyone, just some people. erin came home today, not cool.
def. have been treated like shit since the moment she got
here. my mom didn't even thank me for her mothers day
present, she hugged erin thou AND said thanks.. well guess
what biotch, erin only payed for 20 dollars of it, i forked
out the rest of the $70, so bite me. off school tomorrow,
and tues. yay. i hate school, only 8 f'ing days left of my
junior year, thank god. can't wait for senior year, fucking
party hard all year, ill be 18, so no rules to follow and
no curfew. take that suckas. its 1:30 and im sitting here
on the net for NO reason. waiting for someone to get
online, dunno why. i wont IM the person. ha. talked to
blake tonight, i interviewed him for my us history project.
its a good interview, i might post it here sometime, once i
finish it. wow im extremely bored, there is only so many
times a person can listen to "if i aint got you" by alicia
keyes. went running tonite. knee hurts, whats new. OH,
julie my tennis coach called me tonite. we (wendy and i)
are seated 8th in the region.. not too shabby for juniors.
but we did get screwed, we should have been 4th. julie said
at the meeting there were 3 coaches, one being st. henry,
who is a stuck up bitch, who said wendy and i were the 3rd
best doubles team in the whole region and we deserve to be
seated higher. but guess what REALLY blows, we play notre
dame in the second round, there goes state. i think i wrote
about this yesterday, but whatever i wrote, the facts could
be wrong bc it was from a message that my mom took, she
isn't the brighest crayon in the box, so i got my shit
straight when i talked to julie. wanted to put my shelves
up tonight in my closet.. couldn't find the drill thou, ha,
thats helpful. dad and i looked for a good hour for it. but
we did clean patio furnitre and plant a few plants. its
kinda fun working around the house. its relaxing. and plus
im out there bc i have a hott guy that lives behind me, lol
fuck ya. but plus i get to spend time w/ my dad. OH yea,
when i was running tonight at oh 10, lol, a car drove by w/
like 4 guys in it, it was a blazer i think w/ neons, and
they whistled.. lol, if they only stopped and saw me
dripping w/ sweat and panting, lol, THATS attractice, muh
You know what really pisses me off, when people say they
want to be friends bc they are "Worried" about you, bull
shit. they are nosy and want to know why you are doing what
you do. its obvious when they dont ever talk to you either.
god, its frustrating. but yea its late, im rambling bc im
in a pissy mood. i guess having a migrain for a week does
that to you. im out


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