forever changing
2004-05-10 04:03:33 (UTC)

its been a while

i have not been on in so long i am suprisei remembered my
pass word but now i am back at least for much
has been going on that i would have no clue where to begin
if i were to explain even just a little bit but a basic
summary of what is going on right now is: i am learning to
drive my new manual car, i am still with mike after some
serious consideration about relationships in general, i
have become really close friends with justin, i have been
grounded for talking on the phone with justin too late at
night' i am doing well in polo and school, i just started
working at longs and my life is going allright. i really am
just at an ok point in my life and i just can't wait until
school gets out and i can actually drive my car to town.
well i have to go to bed now so . . . good night.