Nick's Journal
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2004-05-10 03:27:50 (UTC)

Should I have schooled that old guy on the golf course today?

so there mike and i are at 9 o'clock in the morning
enjoying a nice round of golf in the beautiful sunday
morning. one of those mornings that makes you glad that
you have sensory perceptions beyond those of an infant.
yes, quite so.
anyhow there we are going about our game as we are waved
through by these 2 old guys. we played through and i
thanked them as we passed them and they didn't even
register it. they gave a disgruntled mutterance when i
asked if they had seen my ball.
so then we are going about the game of golf on the third
hole when they are already yelling at us. grand. by the
7th hole they were on the 6th (and since it is a crappy
golf course the holes run exactly parallel to each other
so that you are convienently located to get dented in the
head by a wayward drive) and i thought that i may hvae
left my sandwedge back at another hole. one of the grumpy
geriatric wannabes gruffly yells at me, "ya'll lose a sand
wedge". i told him that i had to which he yells something
that consisted mainly of spittle and bile, it turned out
to be "what kind is it?". to this i thought he meant a
sand wedge and having said that i enraged him into an
uncontrollable fit of anger that resulting in him throwing
his arthritis ridden arms in the air in flailing emotions
that resembled the agitated state of mountain gorillas.
apparently he couldn't grasp the fact that the clubs were
my friends and that i didn't know what the hell brand they
were, so he ended up flinging the club toward me.
what an ass-hole. and the whole time i was just
wondering, from the first hole on if i should get in a
rumble with the two geezers. i mean i could already see
what my dad would be doing. he woulda grinded them up
into a flaky mess of feeble bones after their first yelp
from the third tee.
but i just can't do that to these people. i don't
understand this loose hatred towards everything. it's
loose in that they seem ready to be bitter and angry at
anything and everything not for any reason other than for
the satisfaction of having the anger of emotion control
their boredom. i can't imagine that me yelling back at
them or being sarcastic could have done anything, yet at
the same time i can just hear my dad saying, "yo, stomp
these motha-fucka's out, who the fuck they think they
truthfully i don't understand hatred as an emotion,
especially when it turns into a way of life. i can fully
understand anger, but hatred? i've never quite found it's
benefits to outweigh the atrocities it has been used for.
i don't know how to handle hateful people, most of the
time i don't and just treat them as nothing, which
essentially is what they are. people obsessed with hatred
feel their own nothingness and they hate it. and if you
hate something so much that you know comes from your own
lack of character then you have to shove it off onto
anything and everything else. well, once those ulcers,
pains, and sordid drinking binges reduce you to the bitter
and weary insignificant wreck of a human soul that you
deserve to be, maybe then you'll see how far hatred gets
you.....hey that was sorta hateful. alllllright!