Welcome To My Nightmare
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2004-05-10 01:10:38 (UTC)


Spent the whole weekend in Kentucky with Lauren. We were
about to kill each other this morning. Grrr. She only
wanted to come home cause Andy didn't go with us. I swear.
She suffers from separation anxiety if she doesn't talk to
him for more than 48 hours. Next time I'm dragging him
along so I won't have to listen to Lauren bitch. Maybe I
can get some peace and quiet then. But overall, it was
great. We layed in the bed of the truck and looked at the
stars for hours. There's no lights in the boonies out next
to the lake and you could almost see the Milky Way. You
probably could see it if there wasn't a street light
nearby. Next time we'll go on up the hill to Lauren's aunt
Pattie's camper and look at the stars. Tried to go swimming
down at the rocks next to the boat ramp, but couldn't cause
the water was too cold. It'll be warm enough in 2-3 weeks.
I can't wait.
Well, since today was Mother's Day we came back early this
morning to spend time with our mothers. I made my mom
dinner and gave her the flower arrangement I made last
week. She really liked it. I'm so happy. Then my mom and I
went to my uncle's and put another one of my flower
arrangements on my Mawmaw's grave. It was her favorite
colors, mauve and pearl. It was so sad to see all of those
graves with no flowers on them. I guess all of their
relatives are dead or just don't care. I'm going to get a
bunch of flowers when they go on sale, go to the cemetary
and put flowers on every grave without any. I've wanted to
do that for a long time.
Anyway, I'm gonna go finish my french vanilla cappucino
now. Later people.