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2004-05-10 00:02:34 (UTC)

long time

alright its been like monthes since i wrote...but yeah gonna catch u all up since i have nothing to
do not with aaron that dumbass...and never
will be again...since then i went out with another guy
Daryl...but he too his a jerk...hes just after a peice of
ass...which im NOT going to give him or any guy at my yeah we broke up about 3 weeks im
single..i have a big thing for a guy named Brandon at my
school but hes still hung up on his now i will
updateu on my family...lets see my mom and step dad are
the same nothing dad and me get along now..since
my step mom ran off to tennesee and kidnapped my sister
and step brother...she was sent to jail but my dad felt
bad and bailed her out so then he told her he wanted to be
seperated till she got her shit they are
back together...wether its good or not i dont think so but
hey its not my place to step brother cant live
with my step mom since what happened so i dunno how he is
i haven seen him in a LONG sister...cute as my dad and step mom are moving to Florida which
im excited about i mean i get to spend a month of my
summer down there!! thats fricken awesome if ya ask me...i
love it down there much better then Pa...ive honestly been
thinking of moving with them but...i dont wanna live with
my dad i doubt i will plus id miss my friends
too much...well that aoubt covers all the major parts of
the monthes i havent going to be writing more
often...i just kinda forgot about this until a few days
ago but i havent gotten a chance to write till now..

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