u think u kno...but u have no idea
2004-05-09 17:52:34 (UTC)


two words...SOOOO AWESOME!! had the best time! makeout
wars with tj and jackie haha loved it! jeff was there too
wich was pretty cool cuz i was like yay! another freshmen!
im not alone! lol i was contemplating going over his house
after cuz he was havin ppl over in his hottub and pool and
stuff, but i didnt. i was so tired, and i thought my feet
were going to fall off

WAXED MY EYEBROWS! she took off like, 2 layers of skin and
WOULDNT STOP! it took of the spray tan around my eyes and
i had a random white area, i was so mad, but thanks to
lots of makeup, it was fixed!

paul almost made me cry!! we were dancing and he pulled me
in wiked tight and hes like feel that? thats me not
letting go and i was like ahhhh!!! ....tear! and then i
made myself cry cuz i was like omg, this could b like, out
LAST slow dance EVER....and i never wanted the song to
end...i truly love him more then he could EVER KNOW i dont
care what happens to us anymore, cuz i was having a
conversation with...myself in church, in my mind of course
(o c'mon like u dont daze off and talk to urself) and i
sed to myself, why does it have to be a bad thing when/if
he moves? wat cuz wed have to break up? first of all we
dont HAVE TO and secon of all, who cares? im still gunna
love him, and i have a feeling he will still love me, its
not like we have to go back to square one and try to have
other relationships and struggle to get over eachother.
what if i dont wanna get over him? whatever happens is
going to happen. whats ment to be will be, and we just
have to wait til then

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