My Life & My Memories
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2004-05-09 07:44:58 (UTC)

Anticipation of Love

Can I just feel the warm touch once around my waist to
know that someday I will be fine
That everything I do now will not be in vain
That God has a plan for you and me to live on a hilltop
with nothing but love in our eyes
Reality has hit me hard too many times
But holding on to the dream seems an illusion that reality
has hit harder
Will I be the on that you've been dreaming of too?
Everything I do I need to do to make me happy with the
life I lead
But without you in it, i don't know if it will ever be
truly accomplished

Hey dear friend..this was not my creation...a friend of
mine wrote this...but this is what I would like to send
someone...but my question to him would be, is he really
interested in reading what I have to say?

I have no clue what he wants from me...everyone is trying
to get me married...I dont really want to get married
without talking to him first or even think about someone
else in that case...we are not officially done with each
other...He hasnt said anything to me..he hasnt said a word
to me this what he calls love? Nope, I dont
think so...

I dont know what I am doing here thinking about him...does
he even waste a second thinking about me? There is a hope
that he will email me or call me once his college is done
but then he didnt called me for my birthday...will he
bother? Is he so busy? How can someone change so much? I
had trusted him, I had given myself to him and I was ready
to fight for I think, should I even bother
taking that one trip I have been so looking forward to
surprise him? To see his reaction? To feel the happiness
at that moment?

The dream day before was more than a reality...Was it just
a bad dream or was it for real? I can not tell anything
right now cause he is not here and I am not there...I am
sick and tired of telling myself not to think about him
but I cant stop myself...Everything reminds me of
him...for instance the song playing right now...the lines
are for so him...does he know I am waiting for just one
sign? Does he know that I still cry for him? Does he think
about me? Oh crap, here I go again...before I get
depressed, I am going to go and watch a funny movie for a
little bit and then sleep...I definetly need some
sleep...been tired...gnite

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