LIFE..Is That What You Would Call It?
2004-05-09 04:59:04 (UTC)

Saturday.. blue bayou

Me n erica went to blue bayou today..we had fun...

megan showed up lata..she had to go to the mal be4 coming
to buya bathing suite hahaha....
welll i got burnt a lil it dont hurt its jus warm n makes
me bout to burn bout to go n pt some blue
shit on it to make it stop doin w/e the fuck its
doin...well um mark n chance were suppose to meet us up at
bluebayou today around 2:00 so we waited fo there asses fo
bout a good 10 minutes n then i said fuck it..n then i was
kinda mad..or u can say dis appointed...buti gave them the
benefit of the doubt..n megan n erica wasnt
saying the ditched

wat i was happy when i saw them around 4 oclock..yay...
well yea they came eventually..thats wat count...i was
surprisd that they even came...well lata on we saw amanda
moran...n chelsea n christine breaux..well...chanc n
amanda kissed a llil :(...o welll he does shit with every
one o well..i shouldnt care..but i do...

i talked to amanda lata on the day jus to get to kno
her..shes a kool person...i guess when she wants to
be/..idk really w/e..

welll idk wats happening with erica n mark...they were the
worst enemies.n now damn..kising ok...its way ova ma
head..well alot of stuf is way ova ma hgead...loll..since
im short n everything..but dont hate..i luv being short i
rather be short than tall ne day...hell yea..

well im out its 11:56 pm..n burnt so peace

umm wel i had fun toay i goof off n said some stupid shit
to some

hey batman...its me guy was cute..inside

Hope Less,
Stephanie Semple... :'(

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