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2004-05-09 04:20:07 (UTC)

How far DOES the apple fall from the tree

What time are you starting this? 12:03 am

Name? Kelly
Date of birth? Sept. 16
Sex? Female
Height? 5 foot 7 inchs
Eye color? baby blue
Location? hell aka burlington KY
Where were you born? The 'nati (cincinnati to you dumbasses)
Have you ever failed a grade? nope
Do you have crush on someone? yup
What are you wearing right now? basketball shorts and
raider volleyball tee
Would you have sex before marriage? maybe?
Have you ever had a crush on any of your teachers? nope
Are you a virgin? yes
Do you smoke? me?! um, well, specify WHAT you want to know..
Do you drink? uh course not?
Are you ghetto? only ghetto fabulous ;) no, well, in
english i've been told im black at heart
Are you a player?
What are your favorite color? orange
What is your favorite animal? peek-a-poo puppies
Do you have any birthmarks? one on my right shoulder, one
on my left forearm
Have you ever gotten your ass kicked? fuck no
Have you ever beat someone up? no, want to thou
Who do you talk to most on the phone? as of now, my sister
Have you ever been slapped? yup
Do you get online a lot? ah, kinda?
Are you shy or outgoing? depends on my mood
Do you shower? yup im squeaky clean
Do you hate school? mostly yes
Do you have a social life? i think so, lol, yea
How easily do you trust people? fuck no
Do you have a secret people would be surprised knowing?
Would you ever sky dive? HELL YES
Do you like to dance? yes
Have you ever been out of state? yup, even out of the
country, go me
Do you like to travel? yea
Have you ever been expelled from school? nope
Have you ever been suspended from school? nope
Do you want to get out of your hometown? i can't wait for
the f'ing day
Are you spoiled? sometimes
Are you a brat? i can be
Have you ever been dumped? yup
Have you ever gotten high? uhhh no.. course not?
What's your favorite drink? mmm everfresh fruit punch lol
Do you like Snapple? no
Do you drink a lot of water? 8 glasses a day baby
What toothpaste do you use? colagate whitening... thats sad
i know that
Do you have a cell phone or pager? yup
Do you have a curfew? 1 am... or 2 if my mom is in a good
Who do you look up to? my dad
Are you a role model?: i hope im not...
What name brand do you wear the most? I dont know
What kind of jewelry do you wear? hiar ties as bracelets
What do you have pierced? cartilege... and my tongue in 5
months and counting (gotta turn 18 first)
Do you have any tattoos? will have one in 5 monhts (gotta
be 18) going to get one w/ 'rin!
Where are your tattoos? going ot get one on my back
What do you want pierced? tongue... duh
Do you like taking pictures? love to!
Do you like getting your picture taken? Most of the time
Do you have a tan? yes, gotta love tennis
Do you get annoyed easily? yup
Have you ever started a rumor? who hasn't?
Do you have your own phone/phone line? nope
Do you have your own pool? nope
Do you have any siblings? 21 yr old sister
Do you prefer boxers or briefs? on guys.. boxers
Have you ever been played? yup
Do you get along with your parents? um, sometimes, kinda,
its all fake thou
How do you vent your anger? lets not go there
Have you ever ran away? wanted to, but no
Have you ever been fired from a job? nope
Do you even have a job? yup, babysitting, blue chip, and
teaching tennis
Do you daydream a lot? ohhh yea...
Do you have a lot of exes? only a dozen or so
What are your favorite flowers? Daisys and pink roses
Have you ever been bitched out? yup
When was the last time you bitched someone out? mm don't
keep tabs on that one
Are you rude? yes i can be, when needed
Do you like getting dirty? Who doesnt ;)
Are you flexible? nope
What is your heritage? Irish.. so kiss me
What is your lucky number? 13 and 30
What does your hair look like right now? straight and down,
lol for once
Could you ever be a vegetarian? yea
When was your last real heartbreak? i haven't met a guy
i've liked enough to break my heart
If you had to completely dye your hair it'd be what color?
Would you ever date someone younger than you? yea but it
sucks thou, bc guys are immature assholes as it is
Would you ever date someone older than you? hell yea
When was the last time you were drunk? umm forgot... LoL
When was the last time you went on a date? about a month
Have you ever had an eating disorder? nope
Do you have one now? no
Have you ever been skinny dipping? nope
If yes, when was the last time? never
Do you look more like your mother or father? neither
Do you cry a lot? i used to never cry.. now its pretty much
a weekly thing
Do you ever cry to get your way? nope
Are you the romantic type? im a hopeless romantic.. once i
find the right guy i will be that "type" as long as he
isn't an ass
Have you ever been chased by cops? fuck yea, they are like
out to get me
What do you like most about your body? i have muscles
What do you like least about your body? small boobs...haha
When was the last time you threw up? few weeks ago
In the opposite sex, do you prefer blondes or brunettes?
Is your best friend a virgin? lol, best friends are
overrated, but to answer that question, my EX best friend
will die a virgin... LoL
What color are your underwear right now? black
What theme does your room have? just moved, but in about a
week it is going to be blue and yellow to match my comforter
What size shoe do you wear? 10.5 or 11..depends on the brand
What jewelry are you wearing now? cartilege earing
What is your screen name on AIM? like im going to tell you
Would you pick a wedgie in public? only at open gyms or
tennis ;) LoL or VOLLEYBALL muh hahaha
How are you feeling right now? alone... *wants somone*
When was the last time you were at a party? 2 weeks ago
Have you ever given a lapdance? no... but i've got one..
lol niiiice...
Has there ever been a rumor spread about you? yup
Would you marry for money? no
What do you drive? '97 saturn SC2... but right now my mom's
2001 mazda 626 'till my car is fixed
Are you more of a mama or daddy's child? Im a daddys girl
What does your my-diary screen name mean? nothing
When was the last time you cried in school? freshman year
Do you wear Chucks? hell yea
For two million dollars, would you pose for Playboy? no

What time are you finishing this? 12:19 am... damn im fast

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