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2004-05-09 03:51:22 (UTC)


today... woke up late, but got to work 10 min early...
makes no sense? uh, donna got there 45 min late, and i had
the whole store set up, but i didn't tell judy bc i didn't
wnat to rat her out, but i wanted to brag that i got shit
set up bymself and so quickly. work sucked, 7 hours of
HELL... judy made lindsey cry, i felt so bad, didn't know
what to say to console her though, so i told her to blow it
off bc she doesn't know what she is talking about. my
parents met me during my break and they bought me lunch.
after work i went straight to babysitting. mike and max
were out buying mikes new car when i got there (a 2003 BMW)
so julie and i arranged summer plans. for the first 3 weeks
of my summer, i watch both boys monday, wednesday, and
friday from 9:30-4:30... and then after those few weeks, i
just watch max (up at the pool) every wednesday and friday
from 10-4... not too shabby. condisdering i also will
babysit every saturday night, and ill still be working up
at blue chip. but it sucks bc i dont know how tennis is
going to fit into all this... but im extremely dissapointed
w/ tennis right now, wendy got GSP, so she will be gone all
summer, screw going to state our senior year... yea im
pissed bc in my free time this summer i will practice and
she wont.. that doesn't seem fair, might think about moving
to singles next year. so w/ babysitting and blue chip, i
dont think im going to take the job at the baseball park.
cordinating 3 work schedules is going to be WAY too hard.
especially when julie has a tendancy to call me out of the
blue and needs a sitter, and judy gets pissed when i can't
work 40 hours a f'ing week. so yea. here it is a saturday
f'ing night, and im at home typing in my diary and all my
friends have away messages up about how they are out and
about... well, why you f'ers are SPENDING money, i def.
made $120 bucks today.. beat that.. ha.. anyway, i have to
open tomorrow 10-2, and i have a feeling in the pit of my
stomach tim will open to, dont want that. its too akward
around us, he doesn't even talk to me anymore. sucks. well,
im tired and i dont feel good, im off, bye