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2004-05-09 03:49:32 (UTC)

Hoes and Dos

Letes see life sux well most of it anyways, and i
just dont give a shit bout nutten no moer except me friends.
My family... well they out right suck, buti think i have
already covered that. I had to go to the docotro today, and
he even sucks. hes ugly andi hate him. He needs to suck my
fuicking dick. im sry Erika i knwo thats your job. HEHEH.
But i couldnt help it. And i had to work. which wasnt so bad
but still. Again i didnt get to talk to Jusitn. Which kinda
sucked he got grounded for what who in the hell knows. Im
sry erika. I love you. What happened today shoulda never
happened. Everythig should work its self out if it was ever
ment to be. and you know if you dont, im still hear. lol.
the handcuffs are awaiting your hiness. HEHEHE
OMFG i got to talk to Justin. he actually had time out of
his busy life to talk. HEHE.
N-E-Wayz... Damn i thought my life was kinda shitty damn
everyones is just fallen apart. Sry ppl. If you all need or
wanna talk look me up. not on the street corner niether cuz
thats for hoes. cough cough marie. JP. lol.
Well thats my fucked up day now for some more medicine. yea.
LMAO Love ya ppl. Thanx for all u ppl that been there for
me. lol. Erich i didnt stay in the hospital for long. lol.
thats why you didnt get a phone call. lol. i made it alive.
they didnt eat me or drink all my blood only 10 tubes. lol.
byeye everyone. soap-dishes. lol ERIKA