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2004-05-08 19:35:07 (UTC)

Canterbury Day Three (Part Three)

So there we were, drinking and dancing, and trying to avoid
the Oxford chap again. (I call him chap because he deserves

I noticed there was a girl dressed as a native american maid
(you know the score. Imagine stereotypical Western outfits).
I quite liked that...I remember spending a while chatting to
her at one side of the room. There was apparently a whole
group of people dressed up. I didn't see them, I said.
They've left, she said. Why didn't you go with them I asked.
I didn't realise she answered. How are you fixed for the
rest of the evening I asked. I've just got a text telling me
where to meet them she said. Fair enough I said. Nice outfit
I said. Thanks she said. Nice girl. Good taste in clothes.

After that chat I went to sit with Ryan watching Didier on
the was quite funny actually. He seemed to
be getting more and more desperate, and eventually came away
from the evening, as he would see it, unsuccessful. He
perhaps forgot that there was a man spending that night in
his bed whether he liked it or not, and was quite
presumptuous of being invited into someone else's home.

I wouldn't say the evening fizzled out after that, but it
became more drinking, dancing and chatting...things that
seem really funny and important at the time, but on
reflection....well, I can't remember them.

Towards the end of the night, the Oxford chap walked past us
again, Didi and I, on the dancefloor. He said to me "I'm
just looking for some friends". I told him to look harder.

There was a guy by the coats, when Didi was collecting his,
who professed he was a Blackburn fan, however he seemed not
to be aware of Jon Stead, who had scored twice for Blackburn
in the last few weeks, and has since gone on to great things
there. I kept describing him. Imagine a no after all these
-You know Jon Stead, then?
-Striker, you signed him from Huddersfield?
-He scored the winner today?
-And the other week?
-Tall chap, blond?
-Young....scores a bit?
-You know Andy Cole, though, right?
-Striker, not as good as he was?
-Andy Cole....come on

I don't reckon he was a Blackburn fan at all, I think he
just wanted to seem interesting. He failed. It was a good
night, though. I got to spend (very little) time with a girl
in fancy dress, we beat Oxford 1-0, and no-one threw up. Not
necessarily in that order.

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