Marco Jacksonovic

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2004-05-08 19:22:36 (UTC)

Canterbury Day Three (Part Two)

So that night I needed to remember my wallet. Check. My
passport. Check. And to drink a lot. Check.

We started off up at the top university bar, just sort of
chilling for about an hour and a half. For some reason Didi
bought us all a snakebite and black. Its like they say, it
tastes rank. Didn't really have the getting hammered
massively fast side to it, either. was alright.
There was an Oxford fan in the pub that night, too - I was
wearing the old Town shirt (1-0, 1-0, 1-0, 1-0 etc) - but he
was something of Didi's nemesis. There was some incident
that I didn't care to pay too much attention to (Just that
evening, I didn't want to start hating someone for something
they probably felt a real twat about anyway. He should) and
he was Oxbridge overspill #1....a real ring. Anyway, after
our first conversation he left to the bar bowing to me....a
real ring.

I don't remember much of the running order from when we
descended at the uni that night. I know that one of Didi's
mates was there with one of his mates from home, but we lost
them, or at least I did after a wee while.

I know Ryan and Didi were getting on with a couple of REALLY
small girls who were just....well, bints. No offence to
anyone, but they were just tiny bints. I must have been at
the bar when they started chatting, I wasn't with them at
that point, but I saw them with cigarette change questions
(I thought they were just on the skav to be honest).

The music played that night was VERY odd. VERY odd. First
time I hit the dance floor they played Jump Around and the
Baywatch theme tune, and some other stuff and I don't
remember what. Alcohol can do that. I did, however, stop
before I'd had too much, I'd had about 15 by this point, and
I moved onto a water. Not bad tolerance, after 3 nights in a
row, if I say so myself.

WILT? Lightning Seeds Mix'N'Match - OH YES! Jurgen Klinsmann
has got it!