chevs life
2004-05-08 17:39:41 (UTC)

Surviving It

Wow, it's been quite a while since I've actually written
in here. I told myself that I would write at least once a
month and, well, as you can see, I've failed this task
miserably. Haha, well me and my memory! Well I suppose now
I should educate you on my life.

Well, more recently, our play, 'The Realization of How
it's Always Been', won the regional one acts festival and
so we went to provincials in North Battleford. That was
probably one the the "fun-est" things ever. It was
awesome. I can't explain all the fun we had! It's sad that
now it's over but also rather relieving for me. I now have
some time to relax and get my homework done, all in one

Track season has commenced now and well, I have to say
that it went off to a bad start for me. I really
wasn't "into" it this year because we had no coaches for
hurdles. That's my best event, and this year I felt that I
wanted to improve and do it right so it would be nice to
have a coach that could help me do that. Unfortunately, at
Vanier, we don't so I was, as I have every year, teaching
myself. So Rosetta was also in a similar position, so we,
together, went to tell Mrs. Meili that we were quitting.
But, somehow she managed to keep us from doing so. Sure
enough the next practice I went to, we had a coach! Well
actually it was Mr. Heisler but anyway... it was still
good to get a bit of correction from what he could see.

Lately, I've been pretty down (and I'm sorry for it, for
all of you that may have been affected by it) due to the
friend factor. Yes, I truly feel like a little kid because
I'm still having problems with friends. Not to say that
I've been fighting with them, cuz I sure haven't but just
some things that have been going on.

It feels like I don't have anyone I can count on anymore,
and that I'm being used. It could be that people don't
notice that's what they're doing but it's really hard to
believe that. I just feel really 2nd best. That's to say
that when other people are busy, then I'm the one to call.
People just don't realize how crappy that feels. I'm not
trying to say that I should be number 1 to everyone, cuz
that's pretty selfish. I just don't want to be someone's
alternate plan when things don't work out. And I've
decided that I will no longer stand for it. I won't be
plan B anymore. That's the only way that I'll know who my
real friends are.

Sorry to end on a, well, not really happy note, but that's
truly all I have to say right now. Have yourselves a
wonderful day!

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