Day Dreams and Reality
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2004-05-08 16:51:27 (UTC)

Nothin matters anymore

its may 8 and i am April Foster
life sucks ass BIG time...i went out with allen last
night and it was a fuckin bad night...there was this girl
there that likes allen...but he didnt like her back...he
was drinkin and she kissed him....so i went (pissed of by
the way) and sat on my friends (just friend) dustins lap
and talked to him....then when allen was done with his
makeout seshion i went and talked to him.....guess what he
said to me..."why dont you go and sit on you friend
dustins lap"....i was like hell no FUCK NO he was just
makin out with a girl HE WAS KISSIN HER...but he wasnt mad
at me ....the whole night danny..his ex of 2 years kept
callin him and he was soo pissed at her.....i dont like
this, why does shit have to happen like this i fuckin hate
it all and it pisses me off soooooo fuckin much......at
the end of the night dustin was the only one that wasnt
drinkin so he told allen that if he liked it or not he was
takin me and my friend nickey home...because allen was
goin to have me and nickey stay at his friend matts house
(who by the way is like 25 and kept touchin
nickey)....dustin was like "i dont want him near april or
nickey..and i dont see how you can let april stay at his
house when you are in a relationship with her" then
allen goes "were not in a relationship.." i didnt even
move..i didnt show any emotion on my face...but dustin
looked and me and the way he looked at me made me want to
cry...AND I DONT CRY...i really like allen i do but hes
still all worryed about danny and i know i cant do
anything about that...but i wish i could..you have no idea
how much i wish i could......i just want something to go
right for me just once JUST ONCE.............

Well i will keep you posted................................

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