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2004-05-08 14:45:37 (UTC)

Last nite!

LoL! last nite was such a good laugh! Cheers 2 Leesha n
Marcia for havn such a good time..and Kat 2! hehe..

Well we started off by meeting Wilson at the musicman cz i
had 2 give him his story of the year ticket..:-) his late
bday prezzie..n chatted 2 him for a bit..he's such a
doll..! Andy..sorry i didnt spk 2 u much! didnt kno wat 2
say! :oP hehe..

Then we left them n went round 2 Thrums n were drinkin in
there for a couple of hours..its amazin! n
watever for 1 quid..! how great is that!! LoL! so then
Leesha n i went over 2 Marcia n Kat n we were sitting
chattin n then we danced! 2 Christinas Dirrrty! ;-)! was
great! LoL!

We left n went up 2 Omalleys n had sum long vodka with the
poison! Woo! amazin! Leesha n i danced for a bit but it was
2 buzy n warm n full of neds so Leesha..Marcia n i went 2
The Tower n met Marcias mum n aunt! n had doubles in this time we were pished! LoL! oh the fun! then
we sang 2 Whitney Houston n the song from Dirty Dancing!
hehe aw amazin! then we went outside n walked with wee
Richie n Mark round 2 the taxis!

For fuck sake..:-/ we got a taxi 2 the Calderwood Inn even
tho i live in East Mains coz we were going 2 meet Jonny!
Lmfao! ye'd never guess we were we met him n
talked 2 Malcolm on the fone for a while..*Malcolms jus
sent me a txt! hehe!* n then we walked 2 the garage 2 get
fags n stuff..n we sat at the underpass for a bit n i had
no shoes on coz i didnt wanna ruin my nice shoes by walkn
over the grass..n we were sitting n the fuckin police pulls
up so i put on ma shoes n run! LoL while they all jus sat
there..even tho i didnt hav anything on me apart from
fags..n Jonny had bout 20 eckies! we walked up 2
the calderwood inn while Leesha n Marcia caught up with us
n we chatted for a bit!

So cheers 2 Jonny for cummin 2 meet us..n sorry if we got u
into was well late n ur a star for cummmin 2 meet
us! cheers x x x!

Then we got a taxi home n Marcia n Leesha stayed at mine n
we jus chilled n ate toast..n aye that was ma good nite!
its like events as it actually happened! woo! ach well..

2nite Leesha n Emma n i are going 2 the cinema 2 c the
Butterfly Effect so it shud b good :-) we shall wait n c!
No drink 2nite for a bit..had enuff last nite..i really
gotta stop drinkin! fink i mite go for a sleep jus nows coz
am shattered!

- x adios x -

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