shifting mists
2004-05-08 06:14:35 (UTC)

i'm Done ...

FUcK YOu FuCk yOU fuCk YOu FuCK YOU Fuck yoU fUcK YoU

FUCK YOU !!!!!!

Get away from me
This isn't gonna be easy
But I don't need you
Believe me

DAMN your ass to hell where it belongs damnit... Why? WHY
is it necessary for every little thing that is mine that
you can get your claws into must be yours??? WHY?

You got a piece of me
But it's just a little piece of me
And I don't need anyone

Nothing is sacred to you. In your mind I am apparently
yours... owned by you... or at least this is what you
think. ... this is what you feel.. what you secretly and
silently try to enforce upon me.... did you think i didn't
notice??.. wouldn't notice???...

And these days I feel like I'm fading away
Like sometimes when I hear myself on the radio
Have you seen me lately?
Have you seen me lately?

.. no friends may i have that are not yours.... no
may i have that cannot be yours as well.... no ... nothing
of mine can be mine because it has to be yours as well ...
because YOU MAKE IT SO.... with conniving and planning and
lying so ~convincingly~ and working your fingertips to the
bones on those keys you rip from me every thing i hold
sacred and dangle it like a taunt before my face ...
laughing as you show me that once again there is nothing
that can be mine... that there is nothing that can be
sacred and special just to me without your fingers in the
pot stirring and mixing and tearing it away... i am not
have ever been nor wanted to be in compitition with you...
not on ANYTHING... why is it you feel this need to take
everything from me... take EVERYTHING FROM ME.... sully
cheapen it and/or make it yours??..

I was out on the radio starting to change
Somewhere out in America, it's starting to rain
Could you tell me the things you remember about me
And have you seen me lately?

.... i am done with this... and i am done with you....
DONE... if it means striking myself from existence from
every single person and contact i have... if i must
disappear entirely and forever from everyone ... this is
what i will do... and i will do it to get away from
to shear you out of my life with the precision of a
scalpel’s cuts.... and if only a bloody stump is left when
i'm done at least i will know it is MY bloody stump and
mine alone .... and with it wrapped in gauze and
disinfectant spray i'll keep it far away from anything you
have or may possibly touch... anything you might infect
that would then infect those wounds...

I guess I thought that someone would notice
I guess I thought somebody would say something
If I was missing
Can't you see me?

Because i am DONE...

Lyrics courtesy of the song "Have You Seen Me"
by Counting Crows.