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2004-05-08 04:34:32 (UTC)

LONG day

wow... today was a killer... school was a pain in my ass,
wait, thats old news, it always has been. uh, after school
i hauled butt to work and worked 3-9 w/ lindsey. tonight
was boones and st. henrys prom, and she didn't go to her
prom, so the two of us got stuck working... but we had a
blast! judy left at 5 to go see her precious brittany and
laura off, and it was all easy street after that. we each
took about an hour break... but on the clock, lol, and then
while we were actually in the store, we just sat there and
talked about boys, tim in particular, and what not. she
has been going out w/ her boyfriend for a year and she was
telling me about all the sweet things he does for her... i
hate her, lol, jk, shes nice! um, after work i met up w/
jessica, rachel and stefanie and saw "mean girls" lol, that
movie is f'ing hilarious biotch! OH yea, tonite i also got
my mom's mothers day gift... i only blew a whole 100 bucks
on it.. fuck, i hate spending money.. oh well, i didn't get
her a birthday present, so i had to make it up to her. um,
yea, so here i stand, its like 12:30 on a friday night, and
im actually home. yea, thats bc i have to work 8-3 and then
babysit 3-11... its gonna be a long day tomorrow to, oh
well, i need money... i have to buy a new cell phone, yup
you heard it, my 6 month old cell phone's antenna snapped
off and best buy is swearing up and down i didn't buy that
f'ing warranty... receipts lie now, didja know that? just
bc their computer isn't showing it, means my receipt is
lying. assholes, so that $200 bucks i spent on that phone
went down the drain... i hate money... along with
everything else