Marco Jacksonovic

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2004-05-07 22:42:12 (UTC)

Canterbury Day Three

Today was Saturday and we had another 'in uni' event planned
for the night. But the day came first, and you have to spend
the day doing something despite how ruined you might be from
the night before.

So this day we were out and about in Kent again, thinking of
where we could go. The seaside again, always a popular idea,
isn't it?

I remember vividly that Huddersfield were playing Oxford
away that day, and Oxford hadn't lost at home all year, and
I remember feigning no surprise that Ryan's mobile told me
we'd signed Paul Rachubka on loan. Saturdays, as you know,
are generally football based affairs....anyway....more of
that later.

We were driving round a huge company's worksite not knowing
quite what it did at one point during the day, but that
followed our walking up and down a pebble beach, my shoes
getting a bit knacked on the beach to be honest and Didier's
wonderful playing of The Simpsons. We spent a lot of time in
arcades to be honest, in fact we all kept winning occasional
£1s back, but probably lost a total of about £5 over the
course of the weekend. Not bad, is it?

The Simpsons, though was masterful. It was like Streets of
Rage with the yellow ones, and I was whipping ass until Ryan
and I got destroyed. I had, like 50 points and he had about
45. Didier had around 26. He ended up with 54 points or some
such by virtue of having done NOTHING whilst his colleagues
remained intact? Tactics? I demand a recount.

So, yes, another pleasant, though this was a quite windy and
cool, afternoon by the sea. On the way back to Canterbury,
however, disaster struck when Ryan clipped a car with his
wing mirror and really dented another vehicle (motionless,
but still nasty) and sped off leaving his mirror on the
floor. Didier and I were really quite worried by this, but
he got away with it.

WILT? Four Seasons In One Day

Its a measure of how reliable how reliable both Ryan and I
are that THIS WEEK he has had his mirror fixed.