Nick's Journal
2004-05-07 19:37:09 (UTC)

I am in love with Donald Rumsfeld

i don't know what was better. the friends finale or the
security commission investigating the abu gharib prison
abuse. i never watched friends but that finale made me
cry like a baby. but then donald rumsfeld made me smile.
first of all i dig his look. he has the most sardonic
look on his face i've ever seen in my life. it's
constantly plastered on his face and it just gives off an
aire of superiority.
second of all he is fucking smart. people say crafty,
shifty, distorting and what not with respect to him.
bottom line is that he's smart. that's why he's the guy
getting scrutinized and not bush. i seriously love his
answers. well "answers".
first and foremost he does what only smart people know to
do. keep it fucking simple. i was listening to the
commanders answer questions and jesus did they twist their
answers. seriously they took each question and drove it
down their twisted dark road of confusion that you just
knew that they were too dumb to even answer it in the
first place. now with respect to rumsfeld his best answer
was when they grilled him on bush and whether or not he
had briefed him on the photos and what his reactions
were. very simply rumsfeld said that he couldn't remember
if he had talked to him. ? couldn't remember ? the hell
he couldn't, but that's smart, what are you going to do
with that? nothing.
now people hate him with a passion. i'm sorry i can't
join those ranks. basically people are pinning the fault
of the abuse on him. fair enough that is what he's there
for, and whatmore he was intelligent enough to take it all
on himself, he didn't push it anywhere else and that is
fucking frustrating to people who despise him. what i
really like about him is that he not only takes
responsibility for his mistakes but he gives one big
finger to everyone who believes he shoudl step down. what
i can't stand is how people are accusing the
administration for covering shit up and not being direct.
politicians are NEVER up front. never it is their game of
politics. now with this abuse, yes it was horrible and
yes it shouldn't have occured in the first place. but the
soldiers are human and this is war. the big mistake of
course was having military personnel guarding the
detainees, emotionally they are not capable of the
detachment needed to treat them with dignity. believe it
or not we are not fastly enshrined in some sort of
ethereal sense of morality. it is not a thing of granite,
it bends and it is liable to break, when put in enough of
a situation it causes despicable acts. is this to say
they shouldn't be held accountable? no of course not they
still had the ability to NOT do it. but i am saying that
the environment surrounding them perpetuated such a
why are we in shock? we should be disgusted and appalled
but not in shock. these are the tendencies of humans
under durress and they are the reason for the chain of
command. someone on top fucked up. and created a
situation that allowed the beast in others to come out.
reprimandation is the matter at hand now, we failed to
keep it from happening in the first place now all we can
do is punish. we can not find some sort of "holy grail"
of reparations, that's absolutely absurd, in fact i would
see that as an insult to the credulity of a human being.
what the one senator said was true and disturbing. the
picture of a woman dragging a prostrate, naked arabic man
across the prison floor is one that will demonize the
western world in the eyes of the arab nations.
those photos (and god knows what else they have) serve as
the great double-edged sword, should we always stay blind
or infuriate the very people we are trying to embue with
our sense of morality.
humans are crazy. but not so unpredictably, there are
situations in which these events occur and we must
remember that those perpetrating the acts were those who
stand in the sweltering heat, get bitten by the desert
bugs, and are constantly shot at, threatened and
abducted. if one is so blind to not see the chain of
events then their rage is overwhelming their reason. look
at it with some intelligence instead of the obligatory
indignation. we can only move on if we show those
offended that the actions of individuals under durress do
not stand for the morality of our cause. our cause is not
one that is driven by the angst and anguish of fear but
the thought that we are doing a noble deed and liberating
those who we feel have been oppressed. we are not there
to occupy and torment but rather to create a transition.
we understand the rebellion, a person's (and therefore a
nation's) sovereignty is of the utmost importance, because
the thought of being under the control of another is the
sufferance for a human. it's tough but if we just stop
being such fucking moronic puss-asses who let our emotions
rise up in a bile and contravolute our thoughts we will
only dig ourselves deeper.