Welcome To My Nightmare
2004-05-07 15:39:16 (UTC)


Last night Domenica spent the night at my house. We stayed
up really late too. This morning I made coffee just so we
could function. Mmmmmm. French Vanilla. I still like the
McDonalds cappucino better. Today went okay, but I was
pretty confused before 6th period and come to think of it,
I still am. I was on my way to the computer lab when I
passed Justin in the hallway. He tried to tell me something
but all I heard was "Fucking with my brain again." Hmmmm,
very strange. I'll ask him about it at lunch.
Megan finally got the tournament pictures developed. She
looks so great! And her mom, being the cool person she is,
got a picture of Megan kicking T.J. in the crotch. Heh.
Funny. I'm going to have to borrow some of the pictures to
scan cause I didn't get any at the tournament. i broguht my
camera and everything, but after I took one picture it ran
out of film. It was supposed to have 15 more on the roll!
So I only got one picture and it wasn't even of my best
friend, it was some really good guy from Parkersburg doing
th Dragon form, like T.J. The dude wasn't even cute! Grrr.
I watched the Friends finale last night. So sad. I loved
that show, and I've been watching it since before I knew
what half of the words they said were. And next week one of
my other favorite shows is going off, Frasier. I'm going to
miss Niles, cause David Hyde-Pierce is sooooo sexy. Oh
well. I'll always have Orlando on my computer, walls, and
on the DVDs.
Tonight I'm driving to Kentucky with Lauren, so it'll be a
while before I update again. Probably Mother's Day.
Speaking of which, yesterday Kimmy brought me the flower
arrangement we made last week. It's so beautiful. My mom's
gonna love it.
~Joelle Torizja