Ramblings of a Mom
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2004-05-07 12:42:03 (UTC)

Ha, Ha! I was right!

The last couple of nights prior to last night have been
terrible in getting the baby to go to sleep at night, he's
been having terrible digestive problems, etc. Well,
yesterday I took a different tactic. Yesterday he wasn't
allowed to take a nap in his bed until late afternoon (we
were out and about), he got nothing but breastmilk all day
(only one bottle, the rest he nursed), and he let me know
at 8:15ish that he was ready to go to bed. So, I nursed
him and put him to bed.
I was stupid enough to get drawn into last night's episode
of ER, so I was up until a little after 10 and figured I'd
be paying for it when the baby got up at 11. Guess what?
He didn't get up until almost 4 am! And even then, he
wasn't awake or crying or anything, I heard him and looked
at the clock and got him up to nurse. He then went back to
bed and didn't get up until just after 7 am! He's back in
bed right now, but it probably won't last long.
So, either I was right and hubby was wrong about what the
child needed at night, or he's on a growing spurt again.
The other really cool thing was that last night the baby
started playing with his Dad on his own. He was laying
next to him on the couch and he started reaching for his
Dad's shorts to hang onto him and then he just stared and
watched him forever. It was so sweet, now if we can just
keep up that pattern, we'll do okay.
Well, gotta run, the washer is stopped and I need to switch
it over and get a move on today.

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