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2004-05-07 08:48:56 (UTC)

c ya mate

i wish i saw what ive gotta do as a harder thing to what
it realy is. its not easy, but it should be harder. im gonna
tell one of my best mates (well that what i thought he as
till he started giving me shit) to go stuff it coz he thinks
to good for every one. to be honnest, while im a little
sad that this'll probably be the end, i cant fucking wait.
to be honnest i'd love to bash his brains in!
but thats a bit rough. i should be scared about doing
this, getting over a friend who's bee there for such a
huge part of my life, we used consider ourselfs as
brothers. and people would oft mistake us as that even
without the tittle and even though we look nothing alike.

so this entry is dedacated to the me old mate. who
pissed me off just one too many times.

to 'me old mate'
i hope one day you can grow bigger than this town. and
not just ya head(wich already has). i hope one day you
can look some one in the eye. and not down ya nose.
i hope one day you'll have respect for every one and not
just the people who you look up to.
coz where all ordinary humans but alas you,v forgotten
that your one too.
so thatnks mate for all the good times. but unfortunetly
there where too many bad times.
lots of luck.

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