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2004-05-07 07:26:19 (UTC)

where the hell is this going??

after being out until 3am, yesterday morning, we argued
until aproximately 5:30am, both went to sleep, i was up
some time after 9am, jason didnt wake up until about
5:45pm, not even an hour later, he was back on the couch
snoring.. it's 12:24am the most he's moved is switching
sides to sleep on, and he's still snoring. earlier,
while he was briefely awake, he told me he'd taken a pill
the evening before and that's why he slept so long.


cont. from earlier. I went to bed a little before 2am
and was up again at 8:15am w/ rinnie. sum time after i'd
fallen asleep, he awakened from the couch and joined me.
a girl who pays him to do her homework, called to see if
it was done.. he asked me to tell her that he'd thrown a
beer at the table, and they were ruined along w/ sum other
papers. he slept until a little after 1pm, was snoring
again when i left at 3:30pm, it's 11:30pm, and he's
snoring again. how much can one person sleep??

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