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2004-05-07 02:28:17 (UTC)


Damn...Im goen through hell here. No one to help me out. all
alone in this except my gurl Erika , and Justin ofcourse.
But then again justin's a lil clueless right now but its
iight. Today was kinda weird. i got up, and i didnt wanna go
to school and i was coughing blood, so i didnt go to school,
im sorry Erika if you had to sit wit IT. lol. But N-E-Wayz,
i sleep and i sleep, tryed to do some homework. Didn't work
out to well. People got home form school. talked to Erika,
My sexy slut. lol. Talked to justin, damn he always be
getten yeeled at. Funy shit. My parents leftto eat dinner
since its my mom's birthday tomarrow, and i didnt get
anything for her. My bad. Talked to my grandma. Damn that
was some funny shit. Ate pizza. and chilled, nutten special
till i started doing the laundry. I strated cryen. And i
never cry. my mom notcied. And i didnt tell her and she kept
bugging me, and i finally told her. I was cryen cuz,
everything was commen down @ me all at once. About me moven,
bout justin, and me being grounded. Well me and my mom
talked for about an hour well less than that. But we worked
it all out. I'm still kinda grounded. But i get to go to
SHELBY FOREST!!! HELL YEAH... lol I get to see my baby boy
Justin, and thats hella yeah. lol. i'm fine being grounded
for a little bit. and ohh that whole no guys in the car. My
mom doesnt care anymore. HEHEHE. Damn, im thinken my life
sux and shit cuz it does, and my mom just takes a second to
be a mother and we work it all out. Damn. My mom is awsome
right now. I know what your thinken Erika how in the fuck
did you do that. but to tell you the truth, all i had to do
is tell her the truth. How hard was it? not ?Very!!! but now
im gonna go, cuz im coughen up some more blood. Not good.
Todady turned out to be a GOOD day. thanx ppl for all your
help. LOVE YA LOTS. Erika...Keep paul in line there buddy
and dont drop the soap.