carole for Master
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2004-05-06 21:24:01 (UTC)

The Strength of my Master


there is nothing i want more, than to please my Master
fully. Whenever and however Master wishes.
i have watched Master become firmer, stricter, less
lenient, and it excites me. It excites me so much, that i
yearn for Masters commanding voice, touch, hand signals,
demands. i enjoy in the deepest most erotic ways, the
feelings that are lit inside of me when i hear Masters
stern words, taking me into the shadows of squirming,
trembling, feeling the Dominance taking me deeper into
submission. It is the only way that my domme side can be
kept at bay. As soon as i feel Masters grip, His tugs, i
become a slave of passion, begging for Masters touch, His
deep strength taking me beyond the edge.
To be truly Mastered is the most wonderful experience that
blossoms with the most astounding results. Feelings that i
cannot explain evolve in deep submission. The deepest most
erotic feelings, the cravings are intense Master
It is when Master becomes the Temple of dominance that
this slave worships to the fullest in deep submission.

Thank You Master, Thank You...Thank You...Thank You

smiling so softly with eyes of hazel green shimmering, as
she thinks of Master, her body so warm and wanton as her
mind slips into thoughts of Master

sending You warm loving kisses Master, looking forward to
feeling Masters touch, as she begs to please Master's

Your loving slave


What is the duty of a slave girl?" I inquired.
"Absolute obedience," she said, frightened.
"What are you?" I inquired.
"A slave girl," she said.
"What is your duty?" I asked.
"Absolute obedience," she cried out."
~Hunters of Gor, page 258

‘What are my duties?’ I asked
‘Exquisite beauty and absolute obedience
-Slave Girl of Gor, p. 261

“It is the duty of a slave girl to be fully and completely
pleasing to men. Were she not so she would be subject to
severe punishment, including even torture and death,
should it be the master’s wish.”
-Slave Girl of Gor, p. 226

“You do not respect me,” she said.
“You do not want to be respected,” I said.
“You want to be cherished, treasured, handled, abused,
mastered, owned subdued, forced to serve and love.”
She was silent.
-Renegades of Gor, p. 105


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