Fishnet Goddess

Rainbows, Ice-a-ma-cream, and Lemonade
2004-05-06 20:23:26 (UTC)

My first real ticket!

I got pulled over for the first time last night with
Nate, when we were on the way to his house before karaoke.
I was a tiny bit stoned, but luckily I had nothing on me,
and I hadn't actually done anything wrong while driving. I
just made a sharp turn, and the cop got suspicious (it was
Cinco de Mayo and I drive a hippiemobile) and decided to
follow me. He held us up for half an hour, and actually
made me take a sobriety test (that one where you have to
follow his finger with your eyes). He was convinced I had
had something to drink, cuz I was so friendly and
shockingly cheerful for someone who'd just been pulled
over. I thought it was somewhat amusing, if only he hadn't
kept me so damn long.
But since he did, we got to Nate's way late, and
who happened to stop by- fucking Natalie, dammit, who was
her ususal sour self. But that's understandable this time-
she's gotten herself pregnant by the guy she cheated on
Nate with & left him for, who she's no longer with, and is
naturally freaking out. SO, thanks to that little drama,
Nate was all crapped out and wanted to stay at home. So I
went alone to karaoke, paid $5 to get in, only to find out
that there was no karaoke last night- it was a Cinco de
Mayo club setup instead, with a DJ and stuff. So I just
left, cuz that's not exactly my scene, and I noticed that
in that short time I had missed a Nate call, so I called
him back. He wanted to see if I wanted to hang out for a
little longer, and Nat was gone, so I did. He wrote an
awesome keyboard song & played it for me. I love it! It's
really very beautiful.