u think u kno...but u have no idea
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2004-05-06 20:11:42 (UTC)


its thursdayy whooo 2 days till prom! i cant even wait.
its kinda funny but the preperations are kinda more
excitin gthan prom itself cuz its like omg i cant wait to
go get my nails done, and my hair all done up and in my
dress n like POW princess-ized lol
anywayze... ya ellen is havin troubles wit fern again. she
souldnt get upset over it, she can do so much better and
she really needs to get over him or hes only going to hurt
her more. omg i took a friggin caffine pill today, i dont
eve kno why i did it i jus was like hey sure! but i had
like a 7 hour panick attack, it was so wierd! but its all
worn out now im sane again lol well its time to tan my
other side! im out!

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